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If you have an image you think would work well on this site, we'd love to see it.  You can e-mail submissions to onlineartrights [at] cdt [dot] org.

Submissions should be .jpg image files at least 287 x 961 pixels in order to fit in the banner without stretching (we will choose a detail to use in the banner).  Please include in the body of your e-mail how you would prefer to be credited on the image page should we choose to add your image to the site.  We will let you know if your image is selected, but cannot necessarily respond to all submissions.

By sending an image for consideration, you guarantee that you own all rights to the image, and grant the Center for Democracy & Technology a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, and display the image on onlineartrights.org in a manner consistent with the other images on the site.